5 reasons why you must visit Sri Lanka

Planning to take a tropical island vacation? In that case, you should seriously consider a trip to Sri Lanka. This little tropical island has so many things to see and do that a list of reasons why you should visit could be potentially endless. Nevertheless, we tried to compile a list of 5 of the most compelling reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka, in case you haven’t done so yet.

Geography of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may be a small country, but this only plays to its advantage as a tourist destination. This is because the island’s unique geography gives it a variety of beautiful landscapes, ranging from beaches of white sand to seas of green plantations to misty hills and mountains, so travelling from one location to another does not take much time. This means that on a short vacation to Sri Lanka, you will be able to experience and enjoy a wide variety of sights without spending too much time with travelling from one location to the next.

Hospitality in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans have long been well known for the level of hospitality they display to tourists and travelers. Being a prime tourist destination, the locals tend to see foreigners rather often, but this does not mean that they’ve grown tired of them. In fact, most locals will tend to go out of their way to help out a lost traveler or one in need of assistance. While there are occasional ‘tourist traps’ to take advantage of the unwary traveler, this is not commonly practiced, and definitely not on par with the level that is carried out in tourist hotspots like Thailand or Indonesia. Visitors to Sri Lanka will generally find the Sri Lankan people to be very friendly.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka

The level of accommodation you can find in Sri Lanka is also very high in standard. From boutique hotels to five-star luxury resorts to affordable inns and guest houses, finding a place to stay with good service and a lovely view is an easy task. Whether you want to see the beach, the forest, the hills or the plantations, you will be able to find a hotel of suitable standard to rest and enjoy the experience. Combine this with the level of hospitality you will receive from your host, and you will be pampered throughout your holiday.

Food in Sri Lanka

With a population that is so ethnically and culturally diverse, it comes as no surprise that Sri Lankan cuisine has several unique dishes that are a result of this diversity. While Sri Lankans in general prefer spicy food, as evidenced by the numerous curries and sambols, there are also many other dishes that can be enjoyed by visitors with less adventurous palates. Dishes like hoppers, kottu roti and biriyani made in Sri Lanka have a unique taste that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. In addition to such meals, many of the sweets and side dishes prepared in Sri Lanka cannot be found anywhere else either. This makes a trip to Sri Lanka a vacation for your taste buds as well.

Festivals in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with a very high number of national holidays, as it observes holidays for several different cultures and religions. With the celebration of Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian holidays, there is guaranteed to be at least one holiday in each month of the year. Some of these holidays are also celebrated with great festivals. At a Buddhist Perahera, for instance, you will see dancers marching in procession alongside fire-breathers and trained elephants. Other festivals are conducted with the same level of grandeur, and visitors will be able to catch such memorable events at any time of the year.

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