Hosting Conferences in Sri Lanka

 Corporate meetings and conferences usually follow a very similar pattern of executives walking into the office boardroom for the meeting and having a discussion on the planned agenda; these are typically very mundane and do not stray from the norm. However, if you’re company is hosting a corporate event that needs to be a little more high-profile such as a company anniversary, or a merger discussion, you may want to select a different venue to handle your needs. As it is a corporate event, the venue need not be too festive, but finding an appropriate boardroom in a hotel or other similar establishment can be expensive.

This is where Ambalama Leisure Lounge comes into the picture. While we are named Ambalama Leisure Lounge for our relaxing facilities in the natural surroundings, we can also handle corporate events such as meetings and seminars. The refreshing change of setting can prove to breathe new life into corporate events, as the healthy dose of Mother Nature is a welcome change from the typical urban lifestyles most executives lead. Arriving at such a beautiful venue for an official event will serve to set a positive tone, while also impressing any clients you might be hosting.

At Ambalama Leisure Lounge, we have multiple facilities available to cater to such guests. For smaller corporate events, we have air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned halls. These come with internet access, while they can also be equipped with multimedia projectors and telephone lines depending on the client’s request. The hall with air-conditioning can hold up to 100 people, while the non-air-conditioned one can hold up to 250.

Apart from these facilities, we also have two specialized halls that are used for seminars, corporate events, weddings and receptions. One of these is the Attapattu Maduwa, which is a two-story building that can accommodate up to 200 guests at a time. The Attapattu Maduwa is modeled after the traditional King’s Court of old, where common folk would have to arrive in order to be granted an audience with the king. Our Attapattu Maduwa follows this tradition somewhat to provide a venue for a speaker to interact with an audience. The seating arrangements can be adjusted to match the size of your meeting, and additional facilities can be provided on request.

The other special facility is our Adawiya, which is a large hall that is usually utilized to host weddings. The Adawiya consists of two halls, each of which can house up to 300 people at a time. What sets the Adawiya apart is the fact that it is literally situated apart from the other facilities at Ambalama Leisure Lounge. Unlike all our other facilities that fit in with our natural theme, this building is designed in a more modern way, and is located away from the other facilities, so as not to break the theme. While the building will resemble a typical corporate meeting-place, the surroundings comprise the same lush greenery as the rest of our facilities enjoy.

Make your corporate events different by hosting them at Ambalama Leisure Lounge. Contact us on +94 75 9660519 for more details.

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