Spas in Sri Lankan Hospitality Industry

Sri Lanka is a unique holiday destination with a variety of breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisine and a rich cultural history that can satisfy all types of tourists. With so many places to see and things to do, travelers may need a break from time to time to just relax and unwind and let the beauty of the island sink in. This is why so many hotels in Sri Lanka have begun offering spa services to guests to help you de-stress and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. You will find that your entire holiday can seem much better with your mind, body and soul in an optimal state.

Spas in Sri Lanka actually complement the serene holiday experience of the island; a good spa session can help visitors acclimate themselves with the laid-back atmosphere that is prevalent in the country. Also, many of the journeys between popular tourist areas involve a bumpy ride that can take a few hours’ and can prove stressful to anyone. The tropical sun and humid atmosphere can add to this, taking their toll on visitors. After such a journey, some relaxing massage therapy in Sri Lanka can be the perfect remedy to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Many types of spa services in Sri Lanka are available for visitors, including Thai massages, reflexology, beauty treatments and herbal baths. You can cleanse your body of the effects of the dirt and sun with beauty treatments, remove tension in your muscles with a good massage and calm your mind with proven meditation techniques. The most notable of these would be the Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medicinal doctrine that has been in practice within the region for over 2000 years, and Sri Lanka has its own unique approach to the technique. Some spas can offer spa treatments in Sri Lanka that combine this traditional art with more modern relaxation techniques, offering special herbal baths and cleansing techniques in addition to yoga and meditation.

Whether you seek physical relaxation, beauty treatments or spiritual sustenance, there will be spa therapy in Sri Lanka that can cater to your needs. At Ambalama Leisure Lounge, we have recently opened our own Ambalama Ayurveda Asapuwa. Using the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda combined with modern relaxation methods, we try to give our weary guests a way to leave their worries behind and enjoy their stay at Amabalama Leisure Lounge. The idyllic natural environment at Ambalama adds to this relaxing experience, creating a soothing haven for visitors to Sri Lanka.

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