Ambalama Leisure


Built in different stages, Ambalama Leisure Lounge at Ihala Hanwella, Hanwella on the Highlevel Road, began as an eco-friendly boutique hotel with 14 cottages in January 2000. The hotel cum rest pavilion designed to provide the much needed break to weary traveler from a long and arduous journey.

Hotel Overview

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Seminar hall
  • Pool side bar
  • Wedding
  • Cocktail bar



Amabalama provides ample space to enjoy a drink, a hot cup of tea or coffee or a cool beer while appreciating the scenic beauty of the surrounding.. It is truly eco-friendly and we are doing our best to keep to our motto, ‘Where you meet nature’.




  •  This is a great place for a holiday because the area is very comfortable and chilled-out. Plus, there are some great places to visit nearby as well, so you will like it whether you’re the type to go out and have fun or stay in the room and relax. It’s not a 5-star luxury resort, but whatever is lacking in the facilities is made up for by the beautiful scenery.

    Ms.K.Jane Fernando
  • Spent the weekend with the family at Ambalama Leisure Lounge and I have to say,  it was avery relaxing experience. They say it is ‘where you meet nature’, and they’re not lying! After a tiring week of office work, it’s a sort of nice escape into the wild. I honestly   didn’t feel like going back home.




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